17 February, 2010

In Honor of Fashion Week Fall 2010...-17 February, 2010

...some goodies from Fall 2008 RTW.

I know I'm supposed to be taking pictures of stylish people I'm seeing now, but I keep leaving my camera at home. And everyone's wrapped up in coats and sweaters, and other practical things I don't own enough of. (There was a girl at the coffee shop today who was dressed absurdly/fabulously enough for you, but alas. No camera, and got distracted analyzing my friends' love lives/discussing safe words/realizing I didn't know how to spell 'Hemingway'. These things happen.)

Ugh, it's cold. Oh, to go back in time: I could be harried and adorably dressed while playing at being a fashion assistant instead of freezing and in-desperate-need-of-a-haircut in grad school right now.

Hats! You need more of these.

I think it says something that Fall 2008 Marc Jacobs is almost too understated for you. However, the pictures of the gold lame jumpsuits from this season didn't come out in the lighting as nicely, so that could be it.

M.I.A. is a little more like it. Of course, you can't really see her outfit here (this is before her baby-daddy stepped on my foot).

So, look! I did research! And am being slightly less self indulgent/pitying! And am not still rubbing it in that I was sitting six rows behind Anna Wintour a little more than 2 years ago today!

Gold round-toe booties + purple socks + zip-up orange romper with an amazing collar/hood that I can't even begin to describe, as it's a little too late at night + fab leather jacket = so very you.

And as you can see from this lovely close-up (via Getty), her eyeshadow matches her socks. Too much? Maybe. But don't even try to deny that you'd wear this.

Oh dear, I just wrote a long post about absolutely nothing. Except the merits of matching one's eyeshadow with one's socks. It's very late. Forgive me, dear sister.

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