30 October, 2010

Orientalist Halloween Costume?- 30 October, 2010

...No, I guess this this just what you wear on field trips to Indonesian rice fields. God.

20 September, 2010

Oops- 20 September, 2010

THIS is where my textbook money has gone.

I realized that my poor (and cheap-- or is that me?) little camera has died. Bad timing, because I saw some amazing outfits Saturday night (Dinner party! Dancing! Random parade on my street with lots of balloons!). So I had to take this with the computer. 


I think you can figure out what the titles are, anyway.

Also, on your recommendation, I watched two episodes of True Blood this weekend. I'm kind of "meh" about it, so far. Spending as long as they do fetishizing women who are beaten up and covered in blood didn't really up the sex appeal, and it's blatantly obvious that that guy in the diner is actually that dog that hangs out around the back of the bar (which I haven't googled yet, so it isn't a spoiler, just totally over-the-top in its non-subtlety).

However. The way the vampire guy says "SOOKEH" makes me lol.


 So for that alone, I might give it another chance. I saw Arrested Development for the first time, too. Though I did not want to punch Michael Cera in the nose, as I usually do, I am still undecided. 

Aku merindukanmu, dan berharap semuanya sempurna di Indonesia! (dan saya mencintai Google Translator sekarang ...)

11 September, 2010

Thrifting- 11 September, 2011

Better picture TK, but I just found best, cheapest vintage store. So sorry I had no idea about it when you visited-- you would LOVE, and it's definitely on the itinerary for your next trip to town.

Note rhinestones on navy jacket's collar. Obsessed.

Also, the magenta jacket might be a late birthday present for you. It's wool, very 90s, and fabulous (from when Dior released their American suit line): lined in hot, hot pink, and you'll need it for grown-up type events on campus.

My friend Thao found this beautiful brooch.

10 September, 2010

FOR SERIOUS- 10 September 2010

Bali HI!- 10 September 2010

Hey Megga,

As I told you earlier, I almost bought one of those headdresses (the head scarf) that boy was wearing, but it was part of the pakaian (I think thats spelled right) adat (or formal clothes) for boys, and I didn't want to look like a stupid tourist. I'll def get one before I leave though.

So here are some of my Bali obsessions.

1) The Thai fisherman pants that I bought, they are the general travel gear here, very touristy but so comfortable. I go mine for 5 dollars but my host mom, who is an amazing seamstress, told me I got ripped off. My shoe collection is stuff of legends in my house, its too embarrassing. You can google them, but I couldn't find a good picture.

2)The school uniforms here are sooooo cool, all the boys' shirts are awesome patterns and colors

3)The dutch colonial plates that they use to decorate family shrines, walls, and temples.

I wish you were here, there are so many things so many so many times a day that I want to show you.

Love you,

05 September, 2010

Bonne chance!- 5 September, 2010

I failed this summer, in that I actually went to places where people wore v. interesting & (quite frankly) cray-cray clothing. But did I blog? No. We know who to blame for this, but no matter. There's really no excuse.

And now you've LEFT to go somewhere BEAUTIFUL and SCENIC and that is FULL OF INTERESTING CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS and MONKEYS alike.

Maybe, since I'm back in the midwest, I'll start a counter-blog of "Things My Sister Would Not Wear." I have been re-reminded of what some of these are in quite dramatic ways in the last week, and have compiled a small, but evocative list.
  • College football memorabilia as formalwear. (Do not ask me how this is possible. It is.)
  • Platform rubber flip-flops with questionable brown stains
  • Juicy Couture sweatpants, with the +10 bonus of "Juicy" spelled "Jiucy" on the ass
But, I know you don't really want to see all this (it's like that time you didn't want me to live-blog The Lost Symbol for you), and it is because you have a hard heart and selfishly refuse to share my pain. S'okay. 

Don't worry, I'll step up my game. 

Love you, P.

31 March, 2010

Girl, You Wish- 31 March, 2010

Image via XXL/RapBasement.com

27 March, 2010

Ohio- 27 March, 2010

Every visit means a new playlist.


No Hassle- Robyn, f. Diplo
Go Outside- Cults
Me and The Devil- Gill Scott-Heron
ONE- Yeasayer
Churches Under The Stairs- Brendan Canning
I Knew- Lightning Dust
Orange Shirt- Discovery
My Darlin' Baby- Lil Wayne, f. Drake
Summertime Clothes (Dam-Funk Remix)- Animal Collective

And adorable clothes.

You are a much more careful searcher of the Urban Outfitter Sales racks than I.

An accessory shot, obvi. My springtime resolution: formerly-hipster-but-now-evidently-mainstream-after-several-celeb-accessory-lines headbands, comme ça. Do not be surprised if yours (worn more conventionally, here) is missing from your luggage tomorrow. Sorry in advance.

One of my new favorite photos. I love how you've made such good friends with my Audrey poster. This cropped sweater was clearly made for a Gay Pride parade.

It looks like you've worn nothing but leggings ALL WEEK. Whatever, I totally approve, and firmly believe that leggings=pants.

It's been real, baby sister. You even had me wearing multiple patterns/textures. And vintage! Je te manques already.

BUT FIRST! "Julie and Julia" screening that you are trying to get me to pay attention to because you can't figure out the DVD player. Sigh. Teenagers.

26 March, 2010

Ohio- 25 March, 2010

This is your going-to-the-doctor's look. Sorry you are allergic to Ohio.

Lacoste glasses, Calvin Klein leather jacket (bought at an employee-discounted 50% off at the outlet when I worked there one summer...I am taking my credit for your wardrobe where I deem it is due), Old Navy cardigan, Gap pinstripe blouse, Old Navy tights, Michael Kors boots, your friend's button bracelet.

All that in my kitchen!

Ohio- 24 March, 2010

Lacoste glasses, Old Navy cardigan, thrift store dress, H&M hoodie, TJ Maxx laptop satchel, loafers from God-knows-where (could ask you, but you're napping).

Look how clean my kitchen is, Mom!

19 March, 2010

Newsflash!- 19 March, 2010


Bit of a dilemma, though. The entire point of this blog is for me to document things you WOULD wear (Though lately, have been uninspired...but it's sunny again! So that'll change, and soon, I hope), not necessarily things you actually DO wear (Again, mostly. Rules=there to be broken. And it's MY blog).

So, the question: do I take pictures of you while you're here? Because I know you'll be bringing Mandy-style to Columbus, and I'm sure I'll want to document. But would posting them be against my dubiously-defined blog guidelines?

Honestly, chime in on this one. You've already vetoed one of my fabulous ideas today-- a wise move on your part, since yes, my emailing you every time I cringe in The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown would have been much more a vehicle for me to share my amusement than it would be for your benefit-- but still.

Clearly, have been thinking too hard this week. But I've gotten three final papers, an annotated bibliography, and a blog post out of it! So there!

Also, you are super talented, and I'm so proud of you for your achievement du jour. I will definitely buy you an ice cream when you visit. I cannot wait to see you, pookie!

11 March, 2010

PS- 11 March, 2010

Photo: Hanneli Mustaparta/Style.com

As stated, this girl is you in three years. And not just because she is tall, pretty, black, and wearing outfits I could never get away with wearing.

However, this article is still hilarious/pretty ridiculous. Let's do a minor deconstruction, shall we?

1- Leaving college to pursue an internship. I repeat. An internship.

Ha. Mom would kill you. Plus, you would not be able to afford Balenciaga.

2- Wearing black instead of grey and patterned tights makes one a fashion professional, in this blogger's view.
Really? 'Cause in that case, I think Grandma might qualify. 

3- VERSACE cuts the glamourous mood?!
Enough said.

Sigh. Oh, Vogue. I'm not really hating, because the magazine she works for looks sweet, and I have finally accepted that I will never be a fashion editor by age 22 (Progress! Maturity!).


I hope you, too, inherit/can afford Alaïa so you can share with me. Psh.

24 February, 2010

FYI- 24 February, 2010

Dude. Jimmy Choo makes high tops. What would you do without me to search Style.com for you?

17 February, 2010

In Honor of Fashion Week Fall 2010...-17 February, 2010

...some goodies from Fall 2008 RTW.

I know I'm supposed to be taking pictures of stylish people I'm seeing now, but I keep leaving my camera at home. And everyone's wrapped up in coats and sweaters, and other practical things I don't own enough of. (There was a girl at the coffee shop today who was dressed absurdly/fabulously enough for you, but alas. No camera, and got distracted analyzing my friends' love lives/discussing safe words/realizing I didn't know how to spell 'Hemingway'. These things happen.)

Ugh, it's cold. Oh, to go back in time: I could be harried and adorably dressed while playing at being a fashion assistant instead of freezing and in-desperate-need-of-a-haircut in grad school right now.

Hats! You need more of these.

I think it says something that Fall 2008 Marc Jacobs is almost too understated for you. However, the pictures of the gold lame jumpsuits from this season didn't come out in the lighting as nicely, so that could be it.

M.I.A. is a little more like it. Of course, you can't really see her outfit here (this is before her baby-daddy stepped on my foot).

So, look! I did research! And am being slightly less self indulgent/pitying! And am not still rubbing it in that I was sitting six rows behind Anna Wintour a little more than 2 years ago today!

Gold round-toe booties + purple socks + zip-up orange romper with an amazing collar/hood that I can't even begin to describe, as it's a little too late at night + fab leather jacket = so very you.

And as you can see from this lovely close-up (via Getty), her eyeshadow matches her socks. Too much? Maybe. But don't even try to deny that you'd wear this.

Oh dear, I just wrote a long post about absolutely nothing. Except the merits of matching one's eyeshadow with one's socks. It's very late. Forgive me, dear sister.

15 February, 2010

Valentine's Photoshoot- 15 February, 2010

My love for you very nearly surpasses my love for Necco Sweethearts (the old-school, chemically-tasting ones, not these newfangled attempts at real fruit flavor). I shouldn't front, though, with the "Call Me"s. They would usually be highly appropriate, but I actually DID talk to you on the phone twice yesterday. It might be a record.

06 February, 2010

Ohio- 6 February, 2010

MFA party, part 3. 

Airplanes! On a dress! Cheap beer! Orange! Strapless!


Ohio- 6 February, 2010

MFA party, part 2. If only we could find a scarf that is nearly twice your height.

Ohio- 6 February, 2010

MFA party, part 1. The DIY headband: similar to this, but made from the bottom of an over-long sweater. You do this with vintage skirts that you-cut-too-short-by-mistake-but-want-to-wear-anyway.

30 January, 2010

From the Archives- 30 January, 2010

Another photo from my computer, which I don't think you've seen.

Not you. But these layers... it definitely could be. 

29 January, 2010

Ohio- 28 January, 2010

See, this is what I get for paying attention in class.

Velvet metallic brocade. Its owner (who was wearing a very stylish black-and-white plaid coat) didn't want to photographed, or else this photo would have been an even more amazing mix of patterns and textures. Thanks to my model, though!

28 January, 2010

Things My Sister Would Read- 28 January, 2010

(I got it signed, like a nerd.)

More traditional posts TK soon.

25 January, 2010

The Newport, Ohio- 23 January, 2010

Goodness, I wish you could see the drummer in this shot. He looked like Screech from 'Saved by the Bell,' except with hipster glasses, a light brown 'fro, muscles, and a penchant for red singlets. So, kind of not. But still.

Anyway, this band. Down With Webster. You know your friend Renzie? I imagine he could have provided their wardrobe, simply by digging into his closet. He might have a career as a stylist for Canadian hip-hop pop-rock bands who get signed by Timbaland.

Point being (as evidenced from the J. Brand denim and cashmere v-neck you "borrowed" from that same closet over winter break)-- definitely things you would wear.

Miss you, by the way.

Ohio- 23 January, 2010

Bangles, hot-pink tights.

You know how I feel about light denim generally (right?), but I feel like you (and Taneem) can pull it off as a stylish going-out topper, especially with such a lovely dress.

24 January, 2010

Ohio- 23 January, 2010

Very Audrey Hepburn-does-Marcia Brady. The buttons are non-functional (I asked), but I still thought you'd approve.

21 January, 2010

From the Archives- 21 January, 2010

Found while organizing my iPhoto library. Don't kill me.

18 January, 2010

Ohio- 14 January, 2010

So, I have quite stylish Midwestern friends.

They even managed to coordinate- accidentally, of course, because it's cooler that way- when we watched the Project Runway premiere last week. I was loving the purple and grey color scheme.

Shea's is really nice, especially with the checked scarf. What makes it really "you," though, is the fact that that awesome cinched high-waisted sundress is actually a cleverly repurposed night gown.

J. Brendan's was another favorite (you would also like his blog). Bright layers, obviously, and love the odd/awesome pseudo-houndstooth checks on his hoodie. They really pop in the detail shot.

Loved seeing you this weekend. Was especially impressed by what you wore at the ballet. Who knew cropped grey puffer coats went so well with motorcycle boots and bright green mini-dress muumuus? Also, kind of want that huge white cardigan you wore to vegan brunch (the waiter was totally checking out your décolletage, by the way).

08 January, 2010

Ohio- 8 January, 2010 (Advice?)

Okay, check the ridiculously HOT draping and pleating on this bodice. Freaking. Out.

You are not allowed to steal this next time we're home. Like, seriously. The Converse were one thing, but this is wholly other.

How do I wear this?! With the belt, it's more you but, typically, I like the shift look, as well.

Obviously, will be worn outside of my apartment once it's a bit warmer.

It's from their winter line, though, and I know this because last time I had it on, it was summer in Kobe, and I was wearing:

-pair of knee high socks
-open-toe, three-inch oxford booties
-white tee underneath
-tweed blazer with a flower corsage
-fuzzy earflap hat
-flower corsage.


(Sorry for how blurry this is. And there was nowhere I could hang it for a clear picture. I feel silly modeling it, but ends > means.)