30 October, 2010

Orientalist Halloween Costume?- 30 October, 2010

...No, I guess this this just what you wear on field trips to Indonesian rice fields. God.

20 September, 2010

Oops- 20 September, 2010

THIS is where my textbook money has gone.

I realized that my poor (and cheap-- or is that me?) little camera has died. Bad timing, because I saw some amazing outfits Saturday night (Dinner party! Dancing! Random parade on my street with lots of balloons!). So I had to take this with the computer. 


I think you can figure out what the titles are, anyway.

Also, on your recommendation, I watched two episodes of True Blood this weekend. I'm kind of "meh" about it, so far. Spending as long as they do fetishizing women who are beaten up and covered in blood didn't really up the sex appeal, and it's blatantly obvious that that guy in the diner is actually that dog that hangs out around the back of the bar (which I haven't googled yet, so it isn't a spoiler, just totally over-the-top in its non-subtlety).

However. The way the vampire guy says "SOOKEH" makes me lol.


 So for that alone, I might give it another chance. I saw Arrested Development for the first time, too. Though I did not want to punch Michael Cera in the nose, as I usually do, I am still undecided. 

Aku merindukanmu, dan berharap semuanya sempurna di Indonesia! (dan saya mencintai Google Translator sekarang ...)

11 September, 2010

Thrifting- 11 September, 2011

Better picture TK, but I just found best, cheapest vintage store. So sorry I had no idea about it when you visited-- you would LOVE, and it's definitely on the itinerary for your next trip to town.

Note rhinestones on navy jacket's collar. Obsessed.

Also, the magenta jacket might be a late birthday present for you. It's wool, very 90s, and fabulous (from when Dior released their American suit line): lined in hot, hot pink, and you'll need it for grown-up type events on campus.

My friend Thao found this beautiful brooch.

10 September, 2010

FOR SERIOUS- 10 September 2010

Bali HI!- 10 September 2010

Hey Megga,

As I told you earlier, I almost bought one of those headdresses (the head scarf) that boy was wearing, but it was part of the pakaian (I think thats spelled right) adat (or formal clothes) for boys, and I didn't want to look like a stupid tourist. I'll def get one before I leave though.

So here are some of my Bali obsessions.

1) The Thai fisherman pants that I bought, they are the general travel gear here, very touristy but so comfortable. I go mine for 5 dollars but my host mom, who is an amazing seamstress, told me I got ripped off. My shoe collection is stuff of legends in my house, its too embarrassing. You can google them, but I couldn't find a good picture.

2)The school uniforms here are sooooo cool, all the boys' shirts are awesome patterns and colors

3)The dutch colonial plates that they use to decorate family shrines, walls, and temples.

I wish you were here, there are so many things so many so many times a day that I want to show you.

Love you,

05 September, 2010

Bonne chance!- 5 September, 2010

I failed this summer, in that I actually went to places where people wore v. interesting & (quite frankly) cray-cray clothing. But did I blog? No. We know who to blame for this, but no matter. There's really no excuse.

And now you've LEFT to go somewhere BEAUTIFUL and SCENIC and that is FULL OF INTERESTING CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS and MONKEYS alike.

Maybe, since I'm back in the midwest, I'll start a counter-blog of "Things My Sister Would Not Wear." I have been re-reminded of what some of these are in quite dramatic ways in the last week, and have compiled a small, but evocative list.
  • College football memorabilia as formalwear. (Do not ask me how this is possible. It is.)
  • Platform rubber flip-flops with questionable brown stains
  • Juicy Couture sweatpants, with the +10 bonus of "Juicy" spelled "Jiucy" on the ass
But, I know you don't really want to see all this (it's like that time you didn't want me to live-blog The Lost Symbol for you), and it is because you have a hard heart and selfishly refuse to share my pain. S'okay. 

Don't worry, I'll step up my game. 

Love you, P.

31 March, 2010

Girl, You Wish- 31 March, 2010

Image via XXL/RapBasement.com