26 July, 2009

Kobe- 23 July, 2009

85 degrees farenheit. Two dresses, a 3/4 sleeved top, and a flowy vest. 

And of course, an umbrella so she doesn't get too warm.

I'll miss Japan.

20 July, 2009

Hiroshima- 20 July, 2009

I hope you and your next boyfriend wear fabulously coordinating nautical outfits like these.

19 July, 2009

Harajuku, Tokyo- 19 July, 2009

Thoughts on white tights/black dress? You can't tell, but they're thigh-length socks. And 6/10 girls in Harajuku had these straw fedoras. Note the ubiquitous scrunchy- even Marc Jacobs had them. I think they were called "chou chous"

Asasuka, Tokyo- 18 July, 2009

Harajuku, Tokyo- 18 July, 2009

There were literally red velvet ropes for crowd control outside the Forever 21. Evidently, there was a sale. 

This girl was waiting. She told me I could take her picture, so I think this is her attempt at a Tyra face. Yours is better.

Scarf with shiny, shiny top (from Forever 21- you should try to pick it up, it's v. you) and shiny, shiny leggings, with D&G belt over little khaki shorts and hot pink clutch (that here, somehow looks orange...).

16 July, 2009

The Great Geisha Hunt: Kyoto- 16 July, 2009

Kyoto has a lot of places where women can go and be dressed up in kimono (the summer ones are called yukata), and sometimes even have their makeup and hair done like geisha. It's a big tourist thing, and not just for Westerners: Japanese ladies do it all the time. Plus, a lot of people like to wear kimono anyway-- Kyoto is a more traditional city with a lot of history, so it's not uncommon to see women wearing them.

So, you have to be able to tell who are the actual geisha, and who are just pretty girls playing dress up.

Not geisha.

Not geisha again (these women looked kinda uncomfy in theirs, so I figure they're rentals.)

AND THEN: We were on this street where a lot of geisha live and entertain, and all of a sudden see a bunch of people crowded around a taxi. I'm assuming they're all waiting to see a famous athlete or something. So, I ask this woman (Angie from Sydney who is wearing a WOLLONGONG polo!) what the fuss is. She said she didn't know, she just was curious.

And then....

REAL geisha. Who were treated like rockstars.

You is proud of big sister? Advantage of being tall in Japan #4.

Kyoto- 16 July, 2009

Fuzzy street shots from Gion Matsuri.

Vest and leggings under shorts, obviously. Though you would have a lot more color.

And the Ducky hat! In straw. With the flower. Perfect.

12 July, 2009

Osaka- 12 July, 2009

I'll be the one on the left, you can be the one on the right.

Kobe- 12 July, 2009

Not the dress, I think, but YES on the bag/shoes. Maybe not the umbrella, but just because it's a little plantation mistress, and we can do without those colonial connotations.

11 July, 2009

Takarazuka- 11 July, 2009

Was trying to be sneaky and take this one, then realized there was no flash. Sorry it's so blurry-- just think of it as my digital impression of Mary Cassatt (that's what I'm doing, anyway). The colors are kind of nice, though, right?

Hm. Description is clearly necessary: black peep toe slingbacks, tiered white skirt, hot pink belt, black blouse, and black headband with a bow on the side. Best part is definitely the heart-shaped patent purse. She's was, like, a Japanese Blair Waldorf, and I know you would have approved.

These two women were about mutti's age. 

Do you think she'd dress like this if she lived in Japan? Or, for that matter, join a fan club devoted to a male impersonator in an all-female revue, and crouch outside the theatre waiting for her to appear, wearing a scarf that matched the rest of the fan girls'? 

08 July, 2009

Kobe- 8 July, 2009

From the toes of babes. Meet M, 2nd grade.

07 July, 2009

Osaka Umeda- 7 July, 2009

The Great Headphone Hunt: Osaka- 7 July, 2009

Alright. Starting with the most expensive (about $70). Orangey-red, nice-sized ear parts (what are they called? Mind blank.) and they're square. Gold plated input plug. I thought they were very comfortable, though Tom's ears were bigger, so he had doubts.

This pair I quite liked, because of the shininess. Also had a gold input. But I don't know how much you'll dig the skull thing. $63, and they also come in a silver and pink, silver and green, silver and red, silver and lilac, and an all grey.

A different set. The version I like better is below this one. It's bright pink, and they fold up really conveniently... I just took this shot to show you another option, and how they look when compact.

$50. I had Tom try them on so you can see general size, etc. Sound quality wasn't bad.

My faves are these below. They had a tan headband-part, which was kind of unusual. But you know me. I like my beige. The colors on the ear were what got me, too. They had a really cool lime green (though I think you said to avoid that), as well as this teal, and hot pink below. These were also the cheapest, at $40. 

Good size, though I couldn't listen through them, so not sure on that front.

I guess the Japanese really like making "girl" things that are really shiny and cute, and no guy would be caught dead in. Seriously, there were earbuds made of jewels, and with horoscope signs, and glitter... it just went on.

Anyway. I also thought you should see these. They're much smaller than all the ones you showed me, but I was kind of fascinated by them. They're buttons!! And only $20-ish.

06 July, 2009

Osaka- 4 July, 2009

The singer's costume change #2. Can you see the copious amounts of silvery jewelry (earrings, cocktail ring, giant bracelet), paired with silver sparkly top and vaguely bondage-y belt with chains? Unfortunately, I only thought to take this picture after she'd already taken off the shiny leather jacket.

04 July, 2009

Osaka- 4 July, 2009

This girl was at the jazz club tonight. Turns out, she's a singer-songwriter.

Can't speak for her music, but I highly approve of her dress and the hot pink bag. The earrings and beaded necklace combo reminded me of you, too.

(Also, her friend in the background? Dressed exactly how you suggested I dress, except with pink blouse. Good thing I didn't.)

03 July, 2009

Suita- 3 July, 2009

Listening to a ton of your music while I was walking around...and voila.

Song on iPod: "Must be a Devil"- Diplo

"Can I...[point to camera]...I think my little sister would like your skirt."

Also the hat and orange bag. 

Song on iPod: "Desperate Guys"- The Faint

Maybe the colors are a little too me, but with the vest and belt, it's very you. And I thought you'd like the little daisy sock liners with mary-janes. 

Song on iPod: "Kick Push"- Lupe Fiasco

I think his shirt says "We have good choice clothes". 

Plus, he kind of has your haircut.

Kansai University library- 3 July, 2009

Sparkly jacket, of course.

Osaka- 2 July, 2009

Waiting for our train to Kyoto- I had to pretend to be very interested in taking a photo of the train timetable. Black leggings, platform gladiators, pleated shorts, pink tee, purple plaid jacket. But I think you'd like these the most:

(She was moving, so that actually looks a lot cooler blown up...)