30 January, 2010

From the Archives- 30 January, 2010

Another photo from my computer, which I don't think you've seen.

Not you. But these layers... it definitely could be. 

29 January, 2010

Ohio- 28 January, 2010

See, this is what I get for paying attention in class.

Velvet metallic brocade. Its owner (who was wearing a very stylish black-and-white plaid coat) didn't want to photographed, or else this photo would have been an even more amazing mix of patterns and textures. Thanks to my model, though!

28 January, 2010

Things My Sister Would Read- 28 January, 2010

(I got it signed, like a nerd.)

More traditional posts TK soon.

25 January, 2010

The Newport, Ohio- 23 January, 2010

Goodness, I wish you could see the drummer in this shot. He looked like Screech from 'Saved by the Bell,' except with hipster glasses, a light brown 'fro, muscles, and a penchant for red singlets. So, kind of not. But still.

Anyway, this band. Down With Webster. You know your friend Renzie? I imagine he could have provided their wardrobe, simply by digging into his closet. He might have a career as a stylist for Canadian hip-hop pop-rock bands who get signed by Timbaland.

Point being (as evidenced from the J. Brand denim and cashmere v-neck you "borrowed" from that same closet over winter break)-- definitely things you would wear.

Miss you, by the way.

Ohio- 23 January, 2010

Bangles, hot-pink tights.

You know how I feel about light denim generally (right?), but I feel like you (and Taneem) can pull it off as a stylish going-out topper, especially with such a lovely dress.

24 January, 2010

Ohio- 23 January, 2010

Very Audrey Hepburn-does-Marcia Brady. The buttons are non-functional (I asked), but I still thought you'd approve.

21 January, 2010

From the Archives- 21 January, 2010

Found while organizing my iPhoto library. Don't kill me.

18 January, 2010

Ohio- 14 January, 2010

So, I have quite stylish Midwestern friends.

They even managed to coordinate- accidentally, of course, because it's cooler that way- when we watched the Project Runway premiere last week. I was loving the purple and grey color scheme.

Shea's is really nice, especially with the checked scarf. What makes it really "you," though, is the fact that that awesome cinched high-waisted sundress is actually a cleverly repurposed night gown.

J. Brendan's was another favorite (you would also like his blog). Bright layers, obviously, and love the odd/awesome pseudo-houndstooth checks on his hoodie. They really pop in the detail shot.

Loved seeing you this weekend. Was especially impressed by what you wore at the ballet. Who knew cropped grey puffer coats went so well with motorcycle boots and bright green mini-dress muumuus? Also, kind of want that huge white cardigan you wore to vegan brunch (the waiter was totally checking out your d├ęcolletage, by the way).

08 January, 2010

Ohio- 8 January, 2010 (Advice?)

Okay, check the ridiculously HOT draping and pleating on this bodice. Freaking. Out.

You are not allowed to steal this next time we're home. Like, seriously. The Converse were one thing, but this is wholly other.

How do I wear this?! With the belt, it's more you but, typically, I like the shift look, as well.

Obviously, will be worn outside of my apartment once it's a bit warmer.

It's from their winter line, though, and I know this because last time I had it on, it was summer in Kobe, and I was wearing:

-pair of knee high socks
-open-toe, three-inch oxford booties
-white tee underneath
-tweed blazer with a flower corsage
-fuzzy earflap hat
-flower corsage.


(Sorry for how blurry this is. And there was nowhere I could hang it for a clear picture. I feel silly modeling it, but ends > means.)