05 September, 2010

Bonne chance!- 5 September, 2010

I failed this summer, in that I actually went to places where people wore v. interesting & (quite frankly) cray-cray clothing. But did I blog? No. We know who to blame for this, but no matter. There's really no excuse.

And now you've LEFT to go somewhere BEAUTIFUL and SCENIC and that is FULL OF INTERESTING CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS and MONKEYS alike.

Maybe, since I'm back in the midwest, I'll start a counter-blog of "Things My Sister Would Not Wear." I have been re-reminded of what some of these are in quite dramatic ways in the last week, and have compiled a small, but evocative list.
  • College football memorabilia as formalwear. (Do not ask me how this is possible. It is.)
  • Platform rubber flip-flops with questionable brown stains
  • Juicy Couture sweatpants, with the +10 bonus of "Juicy" spelled "Jiucy" on the ass
But, I know you don't really want to see all this (it's like that time you didn't want me to live-blog The Lost Symbol for you), and it is because you have a hard heart and selfishly refuse to share my pain. S'okay. 

Don't worry, I'll step up my game. 

Love you, P.

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