10 September, 2010

Bali HI!- 10 September 2010

Hey Megga,

As I told you earlier, I almost bought one of those headdresses (the head scarf) that boy was wearing, but it was part of the pakaian (I think thats spelled right) adat (or formal clothes) for boys, and I didn't want to look like a stupid tourist. I'll def get one before I leave though.

So here are some of my Bali obsessions.

1) The Thai fisherman pants that I bought, they are the general travel gear here, very touristy but so comfortable. I go mine for 5 dollars but my host mom, who is an amazing seamstress, told me I got ripped off. My shoe collection is stuff of legends in my house, its too embarrassing. You can google them, but I couldn't find a good picture.

2)The school uniforms here are sooooo cool, all the boys' shirts are awesome patterns and colors

3)The dutch colonial plates that they use to decorate family shrines, walls, and temples.

I wish you were here, there are so many things so many so many times a day that I want to show you.

Love you,

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