11 July, 2009

Takarazuka- 11 July, 2009

Was trying to be sneaky and take this one, then realized there was no flash. Sorry it's so blurry-- just think of it as my digital impression of Mary Cassatt (that's what I'm doing, anyway). The colors are kind of nice, though, right?

Hm. Description is clearly necessary: black peep toe slingbacks, tiered white skirt, hot pink belt, black blouse, and black headband with a bow on the side. Best part is definitely the heart-shaped patent purse. She's was, like, a Japanese Blair Waldorf, and I know you would have approved.

These two women were about mutti's age. 

Do you think she'd dress like this if she lived in Japan? Or, for that matter, join a fan club devoted to a male impersonator in an all-female revue, and crouch outside the theatre waiting for her to appear, wearing a scarf that matched the rest of the fan girls'? 

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