16 July, 2009

The Great Geisha Hunt: Kyoto- 16 July, 2009

Kyoto has a lot of places where women can go and be dressed up in kimono (the summer ones are called yukata), and sometimes even have their makeup and hair done like geisha. It's a big tourist thing, and not just for Westerners: Japanese ladies do it all the time. Plus, a lot of people like to wear kimono anyway-- Kyoto is a more traditional city with a lot of history, so it's not uncommon to see women wearing them.

So, you have to be able to tell who are the actual geisha, and who are just pretty girls playing dress up.

Not geisha.

Not geisha again (these women looked kinda uncomfy in theirs, so I figure they're rentals.)

AND THEN: We were on this street where a lot of geisha live and entertain, and all of a sudden see a bunch of people crowded around a taxi. I'm assuming they're all waiting to see a famous athlete or something. So, I ask this woman (Angie from Sydney who is wearing a WOLLONGONG polo!) what the fuss is. She said she didn't know, she just was curious.

And then....

REAL geisha. Who were treated like rockstars.

You is proud of big sister? Advantage of being tall in Japan #4.

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