07 July, 2009

The Great Headphone Hunt: Osaka- 7 July, 2009

Alright. Starting with the most expensive (about $70). Orangey-red, nice-sized ear parts (what are they called? Mind blank.) and they're square. Gold plated input plug. I thought they were very comfortable, though Tom's ears were bigger, so he had doubts.

This pair I quite liked, because of the shininess. Also had a gold input. But I don't know how much you'll dig the skull thing. $63, and they also come in a silver and pink, silver and green, silver and red, silver and lilac, and an all grey.

A different set. The version I like better is below this one. It's bright pink, and they fold up really conveniently... I just took this shot to show you another option, and how they look when compact.

$50. I had Tom try them on so you can see general size, etc. Sound quality wasn't bad.

My faves are these below. They had a tan headband-part, which was kind of unusual. But you know me. I like my beige. The colors on the ear were what got me, too. They had a really cool lime green (though I think you said to avoid that), as well as this teal, and hot pink below. These were also the cheapest, at $40. 

Good size, though I couldn't listen through them, so not sure on that front.

I guess the Japanese really like making "girl" things that are really shiny and cute, and no guy would be caught dead in. Seriously, there were earbuds made of jewels, and with horoscope signs, and glitter... it just went on.

Anyway. I also thought you should see these. They're much smaller than all the ones you showed me, but I was kind of fascinated by them. They're buttons!! And only $20-ish.

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