25 January, 2010

The Newport, Ohio- 23 January, 2010

Goodness, I wish you could see the drummer in this shot. He looked like Screech from 'Saved by the Bell,' except with hipster glasses, a light brown 'fro, muscles, and a penchant for red singlets. So, kind of not. But still.

Anyway, this band. Down With Webster. You know your friend Renzie? I imagine he could have provided their wardrobe, simply by digging into his closet. He might have a career as a stylist for Canadian hip-hop pop-rock bands who get signed by Timbaland.

Point being (as evidenced from the J. Brand denim and cashmere v-neck you "borrowed" from that same closet over winter break)-- definitely things you would wear.

Miss you, by the way.

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JBrendan said...

oh my geez - i love the drummer even more because of the photo you linked to . . . !