08 January, 2010

Ohio- 8 January, 2010 (Advice?)

Okay, check the ridiculously HOT draping and pleating on this bodice. Freaking. Out.

You are not allowed to steal this next time we're home. Like, seriously. The Converse were one thing, but this is wholly other.

How do I wear this?! With the belt, it's more you but, typically, I like the shift look, as well.

Obviously, will be worn outside of my apartment once it's a bit warmer.

It's from their winter line, though, and I know this because last time I had it on, it was summer in Kobe, and I was wearing:

-pair of knee high socks
-open-toe, three-inch oxford booties
-white tee underneath
-tweed blazer with a flower corsage
-fuzzy earflap hat
-flower corsage.


(Sorry for how blurry this is. And there was nowhere I could hang it for a clear picture. I feel silly modeling it, but ends > means.)

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