18 January, 2010

Ohio- 14 January, 2010

So, I have quite stylish Midwestern friends.

They even managed to coordinate- accidentally, of course, because it's cooler that way- when we watched the Project Runway premiere last week. I was loving the purple and grey color scheme.

Shea's is really nice, especially with the checked scarf. What makes it really "you," though, is the fact that that awesome cinched high-waisted sundress is actually a cleverly repurposed night gown.

J. Brendan's was another favorite (you would also like his blog). Bright layers, obviously, and love the odd/awesome pseudo-houndstooth checks on his hoodie. They really pop in the detail shot.

Loved seeing you this weekend. Was especially impressed by what you wore at the ballet. Who knew cropped grey puffer coats went so well with motorcycle boots and bright green mini-dress muumuus? Also, kind of want that huge white cardigan you wore to vegan brunch (the waiter was totally checking out your d├ęcolletage, by the way).

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