19 March, 2010

Newsflash!- 19 March, 2010


Bit of a dilemma, though. The entire point of this blog is for me to document things you WOULD wear (Though lately, have been uninspired...but it's sunny again! So that'll change, and soon, I hope), not necessarily things you actually DO wear (Again, mostly. Rules=there to be broken. And it's MY blog).

So, the question: do I take pictures of you while you're here? Because I know you'll be bringing Mandy-style to Columbus, and I'm sure I'll want to document. But would posting them be against my dubiously-defined blog guidelines?

Honestly, chime in on this one. You've already vetoed one of my fabulous ideas today-- a wise move on your part, since yes, my emailing you every time I cringe in The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown would have been much more a vehicle for me to share my amusement than it would be for your benefit-- but still.

Clearly, have been thinking too hard this week. But I've gotten three final papers, an annotated bibliography, and a blog post out of it! So there!

Also, you are super talented, and I'm so proud of you for your achievement du jour. I will definitely buy you an ice cream when you visit. I cannot wait to see you, pookie!

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