27 March, 2010

Ohio- 27 March, 2010

Every visit means a new playlist.


No Hassle- Robyn, f. Diplo
Go Outside- Cults
Me and The Devil- Gill Scott-Heron
ONE- Yeasayer
Churches Under The Stairs- Brendan Canning
I Knew- Lightning Dust
Orange Shirt- Discovery
My Darlin' Baby- Lil Wayne, f. Drake
Summertime Clothes (Dam-Funk Remix)- Animal Collective

And adorable clothes.

You are a much more careful searcher of the Urban Outfitter Sales racks than I.

An accessory shot, obvi. My springtime resolution: formerly-hipster-but-now-evidently-mainstream-after-several-celeb-accessory-lines headbands, comme ├ža. Do not be surprised if yours (worn more conventionally, here) is missing from your luggage tomorrow. Sorry in advance.

One of my new favorite photos. I love how you've made such good friends with my Audrey poster. This cropped sweater was clearly made for a Gay Pride parade.

It looks like you've worn nothing but leggings ALL WEEK. Whatever, I totally approve, and firmly believe that leggings=pants.

It's been real, baby sister. You even had me wearing multiple patterns/textures. And vintage! Je te manques already.

BUT FIRST! "Julie and Julia" screening that you are trying to get me to pay attention to because you can't figure out the DVD player. Sigh. Teenagers.

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