11 March, 2010

PS- 11 March, 2010

Photo: Hanneli Mustaparta/Style.com

As stated, this girl is you in three years. And not just because she is tall, pretty, black, and wearing outfits I could never get away with wearing.

However, this article is still hilarious/pretty ridiculous. Let's do a minor deconstruction, shall we?

1- Leaving college to pursue an internship. I repeat. An internship.

Ha. Mom would kill you. Plus, you would not be able to afford Balenciaga.

2- Wearing black instead of grey and patterned tights makes one a fashion professional, in this blogger's view.
Really? 'Cause in that case, I think Grandma might qualify. 

3- VERSACE cuts the glamourous mood?!
Enough said.

Sigh. Oh, Vogue. I'm not really hating, because the magazine she works for looks sweet, and I have finally accepted that I will never be a fashion editor by age 22 (Progress! Maturity!).


I hope you, too, inherit/can afford Ala├»a so you can share with me. Psh.

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